The Invisible Hand

Newsletter of the College Libertarian Movement

Are there any young libertarians who would like to have their work published at college campuses all over America (and possibly in other countries too)? The Invisible Hand is looking for submissions of articles, commentary, movie/book/music reviews, cartoons, jokes, and just about anything else of a libertarian nature that can be printed!

The Invisible Hand is a libertarian newsletter with a high school and college campus focus. It is contributed to and distributed by students all over America, and hopefully even in other countries. We want to use it as a tool to spread the ideas of liberty into schools, where they currently get little attention. The newsletter is complied and distributed online, then printed and distributed by libertarians in their local areas.

If you would like to submit articles, cartoons, jokes, or other work to The Invisible Hand, check out the submission guidelines and go at it!

If you might be interested in printing and distributing The Invisible Hand around your campus, please email us at

March 2007 Issue
April 2006 Issue

Original November 2005 Issue - This was published and distributed at the New Brunswick/Piscataway campus of Rutgers University.

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