On September 27 and 28, we gave out free brownies on Brower Commons to protest the War on Drugs. Although the brownies contained no illegal substances, they did have the following message taped to their wrappers:

You own yourself.
You ALONE have the right to decide what to put in your body.
The War on Drugs is harmful to the liberty and safety of people worldwide.
The Libertarian Party has opposed drug prohibition since its founding.
Brought to you by Rutgers Libertarians http://rlibertarians.tripod.com

We got many weird looks, weird questions, and interested people on those days. All 120 brownies that were purchased were given out. About 20 people signed up for our email list. Many others took additional literature. This was a really fun way to reach out to Rutgers and teach people about libertarianism!

Below are some photos from the event. Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures from the Rutgers Student Center accross the street, since two of the words on the sign could be read from inside the building!

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